Easter 2015


I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter and hope that you all got some yummy chocolate eat.

We have had a fun packed week with a quiet weekend, ending today with a small Easter egg hunt

So as you have seen, Lilly had a few treats Iin her basket this year. She loves using her glass and really liked her book too.

So on Saturday we went for a lovely (but tiring) family walk which we have never done before. We took the long way home though and the poor buggy and us were covered in mud.

I did a small trail of eggs along with a small Easter bucket leading up to this, her main eggs, some chicks and her bunny toys. She was so excited when she found they were chocolate. 

Today at our local mini park they held an Easter egg hunt which we took part in. We had to find laminated eggs with letter and unjumble the letters for a prize.

The prize was pretty sweet. It was a little goody bag with a few chocolaty treats.

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and again Happy Easter



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