What's in Lillys bag | Everyday

I have been meaning to writr this for a long time and have finally got round to writing it for you. I wamted to share what is in Lilly's back pack for every day use.

The main importat thing for me to carry at the moment is pants and spare clothes, especially leggings. With potty training in full swing accidents are bound to happen when out and about and it's best to be prepared.

Next are a must when were out which are snacks and juice. For snacks I like to carry healthier snacks such as Bear yoyos, raisins, fresh fruit or breadsticks. 

Lastly we always carry some dry like me, these just make the accidents a rarer and easier to sort when they do happen, and wipes are a must for so many reasons.

I usually have the bag packed constantly so we can leave the house without a fuss.



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