Spring has sprung

Spring has officially sprung so with every moment of sunshine we are embracing it. We have been on lots of little adventures so far and plan to do a lot more this year. Embrace the weather and surrounding things to do.

With Easter around the corner we will be looking out for local things that are happening to get us out an about and have a lot planned to.

We have been adventuring down to our local seaside which I don't do enough, we have been having fish and chips in the car and going to the rides and amusements which is so much fun for us all. and as the weather gets better I hope that we will be doing this more often for an afternoon out.

We also have lots of natural country trails about us with the beautiful waterfall pictured above only 20 minutes away from our front door. we have so many paths to take and new trails to find. Also there are a few trails that I used to take when I was younger than I would  like to discover with Lilly pops.

Lastly we have been visiting local play parks a lot more and it's better for Lilly this year as she is so independant, she can climb the slides, play in sand and she loves to take a teddy with her to experience everything that she is doing.

I am certainly loving the better weather and loving getting out the house more with my bubba before she goes off to nursery. making memories and learning out and about.



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