Balance Me face mask review

Ok, so here's another freebie product review and I am completely in love with this product.

I got a free sample of the Balance me face mask. I personally have never heard of the company before but am so happy that I have now found them. 

SO this in the shop is £18 for a bottle of it, so its a bit pricey, so I actually brought a secong copyof Glamour to get another bottle.

The product comes out in a cream colour and has texture to it too.
It is classed as a triple action face mask and is designed to polish, hydrate and smooth skin, of which it did all three for me in just one try.                   

Another thing that I love about this product is that it is 98% natural and made in the UK.

Once I used the mask my skin felt so soft and refreshed. It didn't dry my skin out in any way and came off my skin without any problem at all. There wasn't any residue left after either.

I would highly recommend trying this product as I love it :)



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