Quickies Eye makeup remover pads

So Ibwas sent this cute little pack of eye make up removee pads feom quickies with a free sample of 4 in 1 facial wipes.
What I would say is so far so good! 

These pads are about 4-5cm in diameter I would say and are textured with raised parts.
They have enough moisture in them for them to be effective but not too wet they they leave you eyes are dripping.

I used one pad per eye to remove makeup of the day, this included about three layers of mascara in the end along with eye shadow and eye liner. 

I was a little nervous about how well there would work, as have struggled to find a product that removes my make up without leaving some or making my eyes sore.

I was pleasently surprised at how easy they removed my make up and with such little effort just a few wipes over my eyes across the worst bits and then cleaning up the panda eyes after.

It took me about minute max to remove most of it The first time.There was a slight bit left after but I thinl that was caused by havin more than one layer on and being a little warery of how much pressure I should use

Since they have been fantastic and are such a handy size too for travelling or just having for out and about.

All in all I am very happy at how these have worked for me :) and will be looking into purchasing.


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