Things to do with a two year old.

Things to do with a two year old.


Painting is such a good way for you toddlers to express themselves

I recently brought Lilly some new brushes from Tesco, a range of 10 different sizes and styles to use, we also have a few colours of paint, which is slowly growing as I find new things to do with her.
Lilly loves painting and hates having to clear up after we have finished.
We also have some paint stamps to use to and you can also dp potato printing if you dont have stamps.


Dens are so easy to make and fun to play with too. You can do so much with dens, they can be a hide out, a picnic place, a story corner or a place to play hospitals. 
Boxes are brilliant because so many things arrive in them, they can be anything you toddler wants them to be and when there done you just throw them out.
Personally I used to preferred making the ones out of blankets when I was younger and putting pillows inside. and Lilly loved her one when I did hers. 

When we have a full day in for some reason I will get the blankets out and make a little den for us to play in and have lunch in. 



Explore, make memories, teach and play :)



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