Nutmeg Clothing

Morrisons have a clothing range which I am in love with and have been since I found the range. I went in the other day and brought a couple of outfits 

I find the prices very resonable for the quality of the clothes. Also there are so many different styles which bright colours and characters. 

Both outfits that I brought came to £5 each, it worked out at just £2 a top and £3 for each pair of leggings. 

I don't shop in Morrisons very often but when I do I always end up buying at least one item.

The clothes are so soft and feel good quality, very durable.

This last picture was a gift from Nanny, it is so warm and has a cute bunny on the front. 

I think that Nutmeg are my favourite range of clothing for Lilly and at such a reasonable price you can't argue. 



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