Meat vs Veggie

I have been recently attending a course about healthier eating with some scrummy recipes that are every day meals.

We help to prepare all the ingredients then we all sit down as a group ajd try what we have made. The one thing is we get a meat version and a vegetarian option. 

It has been really nice to find the variety between both meals and enjoy them both in different ways. Also I have never thought of doing vegetarian versions of the classic meals we have.

The first week we made shepards pie and a veggie pie, they were both so good and were both full of flavour. I am tempted to do this in the future to change things up a little.

This week we did a Caribbean curry, again with a vegetarian option. I kind of preferred the veggie one as the veg seemed to take the spice more than the chicken did, but again both yummy.

I am definitely going to be looking into more alternatives in the future to have more variety in our house.



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