December Favourites

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

This palette is amazing, such lovely colours and yeah! I am just in love with it lol. you do not need a lot of the powder at all to make a statement on your eyes. I have been wanting and Urban decay Naked palette for so long and my lovely friend got it for me for my birthday :) My favourite colour at the moment is Busted, the purply colour which I used over Christmas and new year.

Tesco Value Face Wipes

These are only 60p a pack and do what they say on the pack, wash your face lol. These remove make up very well, and make your skin feel really fresh. They are obviously not the best but for a value product they are amazing. 

 Aveno Bath Oil

We use this every bath time for Lilly as it is amazing for her eczema. It smells pretty good too. This works wonders for Lilly's skin and clears up her eczema within 4 washes when she has a break out. You also don't need a lot as it spread very easily. (We are prescribed this)

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+

I have mentioned this before and probably will again, up until the point I run out. This has cleared up a pre-Christmas spot outbreak beautifully. you also only need a very little amount of product to cover your face. It feels quite greasy but sank into my skin so well. 

Onesie, Cinderella and Fifty Shades

Winter and onesies just go like bread and butter, so warm and cosy just not so good for women when it comes to the toilet department. 
Cinderella is Lilly favourite at the moment, and is always asleep by the end of it as its quite a relaxing story.
Fifty shades is the book i am reading at the moment, I am having a few issues at the moment and I know what I am struggling with does not happen in this book and its  kind of cute love story.

So these were my favourites of the month. January's will be fulls of new favs :)



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