Autumn fun

We love autumn. So much to do which my little girl loves. She has been loving being outside with nature.

The puddles are back, so that means a lot of splashing and getting all mucky. She thinks she Is peppa pig.

Walking and crunching through the leaves is another favourite for the both of us. Kicking them about and looking at all the different colours. she loves to make then crunch under her feet the most and isn't impressed when there wet. We have a wood close to us so its not to far to walk for her either.

We collected some chestnuts the other day and all Lilly wanted to do was pretend to cook them for grandad. there so easy to fine and durable too. just look out for holes in them and insects could have made a home, which we found out the hard way.

Lastly she loves clearing the leaves up in Nanny's garden, nanny racks them into a pile and Lilly usually kicks them about a bit before putting them into the wheel barrow for Daddy to dispose of. she also lucks throwing them into the air to make them sprinkle down.

I don't ever think I have enjoyed autumn as much as I have this year with having Lilly to enjoy it with.



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