The waterfront, Eastbourne Harbour

We took a trip our local pleasure harbour in Eastbourne called The Waterfront.

We love going here as there is a lot to see, of course the beautiful boats, of which I would have gladly owned a few. Then there's the fish that swim along the edge of the harbour. There's the bridges which are constantly rising to let boats through which is pretty cool to watch, and they also have a double lock to watch which was so fascinating to watch.

Here are a few pics from our day : )

Look at those boats!!!

Some of the most graceful fish I've seen, and of course Lilly loved them.

Not quite sure what this building is for but was a little put from where we were standing.

Considering she pretty much ate all the icecream, she didn't get in to much of a mess, bless her. I also have a mint choc chip one. 

Walking back to the car Daddy and Grandad were swinging her so high, i was having kittens, she loved it. We remember after about the ice cream but luckily she was fine.

A beautiful warm autmn day spent with family, lovely. 



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