Living on a budget

We live off a very tight budget and I thought I'd share how we cope on benefits. 

I understand that benifits are not ideal but that's our life at the moment. Our budget is about £180 per week for the three of us. Not leaving a lot after the bills/shopping.

Selling old items

Baby clothes bundles, old furniture, Just things you don't need or use anymore, either with eBay, Facebook, Gumtree. 
Tips: Take detailed photos, price accordingly, clear TRUE details.

Online food shops 

I find this the best way to watch what your spending and the best offers. We also go for quite a late delivery time so the charge is cheaper. 
We find this the best way for us to keep to the budget and buy things we need, no necessarily want. 

Saving change

We have pots everywhere with change in, coppers in one, fives in another ans all other in a jar. We also have a separate pot for money that we have found or made from sales because it is profit, bit of a bonus pot. Lilly has her own pots too.

Keep track

I like to keep track of every payment in and out of my accounts and constantly try to save in the savings accounts. I check the bank everyday.

Hope this helps you. We struggle sometimes but we have a roof over our head, food in the freezer and clothes on us.



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