Style Sunday | New home furnishings

Style Sunday with a twist, not outfits today but some new bits for our home.

We have been trying to make our flat more homely.
We are slowly getting there and will be getting new sofas soon. 

Firstly I'd like to show you our new cushion covers. These were purchased at pound stretcher for the small price of £199 each. I have completely fallen in love with these and they just look right with the decor.

Next are our new laundry baskets. We had a little old when that would fall over with the smallest amount of washing in it. But anyway, these new laundry baskets are brown woven with cream fabric inner. These came as a pair, a large and a slighly smaller one. 

Lastly, for the moment lol is our floor lamp, we have two of these to light our living room in the evening. These are only cheap but make the room so cosy with the light they give off. 

I'm very happy with the way our flat in finally coming along and just wanted to share.



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