Keeping a toddler amused

I thought that I would share a few ideas with you to keep toddlers entertained. Not an easy task I know.

Firstly we love playing with water, getting a good old washing up bowl and a few thing to pour from, also a towel on the floor is a good idea lol. Lilly will play in this for so long, also its free.

Next is a cheap idea, just pasta and a few plastic bowls, cups and anything else to transfer the pasta to and from. Lilly loves making noise with the pasta, and is also good for hand eye coordination. Simple yet effective.

Lastly is another cheap idea, water beads, 99p off ebay for two packs. I put Lilly in the bath with some old clothes and just let her play with them in there. A good sensory thing to do with them. And pretty good fun too, bounce them, roll them and generally enjoy. 

Hope this gives you a couple of things to do.



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