February Favourites

so there are only a few small things this month to comment on, not really changed any products, but thought I'd show you these

My first favorite of the month is Colgate advanced whitening, i have found this product really good, there is no gritty texture nor is it watery, the taste isn't too strong and i also like the way you can stand up on its lid. 

Next on my list is Palmer's massage lotion for stretch marks, now most of my stretch marks are faint, but just to keep them at that stage I am using this, it works really well and used this during pregnancy too. It smells nice and seems to just sink into the skin.

My next product is Sudocrem, such a brilliant cream for everything and anything, I personally am using it for spots on my face, it works in a matter of days and leave my skin smooth to the touch. I use this product daily.

Last but not least is Baylis and Harding England french lavender and cassis moisturising hand and body balm. again used daily, I use this mainly on my arms as they are the driest part of my skin, this soaks into the skin well and doesn't leave it greasy. The smell is a bit strong but does smell good.

Hope you enjoyed my favourites. Watch my vlog on youtube too :)

Thanks xx


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